Skrg udh nggak pernah denger ejekan ‘autis’ lagi soalnya yg dulu ngejek jg udah jd ‘autis’ 😕

(and by that, i meant no disrespect for real autistic people, it’s just a figure of speech).

I don’t mind if you’re being impolite to me by prioritizing your phone over real conversation with me. I always hold the urge to check my phone over and over again unnecessarily when i’m talking to others. But if i do that, please remind me so i won’t be impolite to you. I don’t want to be rude, and you don’t have to agree with me either. That’s just my policy.

Akibatnya, saya sering ditegur banyak org krn susah dihubungin dan lama bgt bales chat. Biasanya saya lg ngobrol sm org (atau lg tidur). Well, that’s my mistake, i’m sorry 🙏

Maaf yah ngoceh malem2 hahaha – View on Path.

The hardest 5 years of life. Well, in the end, it’s really not about the money after all. For me, the bigger picture is about the vision. An ideology. And the time spent for those we love. – View on Path.

Starting up a company is never easy. It takes an extremely never-ending patience, infinite amount of failures and mistakes, and a godlike confidence to take the leaps of faith.

Sometimes it feels fruitless, sometimes it feels like forever, and often we need to pat ourselves in the back while opening up our mind to keep learning. But we still do it anyway.. – View on Path.

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